Laundry Room Reveal

If you’re interested in the detailed progression of this room, please see click here.

The day has finally arrived. The day where we declare the laundry room complete. There are a few little details that still need to be tweaked, but overall, the room is finished.  If you remember, here’s what we started with:



We pulled everything out, stripped wallpaper, pulled up the flooring, de-molded the walls.


And then we started building things back up, painting the walls, putting up bead board wallpaper, installing new flooring.


And here’s what we ended up with:





One of my requirements for this room was that I needed to have a space to hang clothes to dry. Since there isn’t a lot of wall space for a traditional drying rack, I had to look for other solutions. I stumbled upon this drying rack on Amazon. It mounts to the wall and takes up very little space.


And when you need to dry something, it folds out and these little lines pull out. You can either hang/place the items directly on the lines or you can use clothes pins. Pretty cool.


And, because it’s always fun to see them, here are some side by side before and after pictures.






I still need to add something to the top shelf behind the washer and dryer, but it will most likely be some decorative and white. I can’t reach that shelf, even standing on our step stool, so whatever lives there will be more for form than function. Oh, and if you are wondering, our hamper is now living in our clean closet and our laundry baskets will probably float between our room and the laundry room. They fit nicely right in front of the appliances.

We love the way it turned out. The counter is perfect for folding clothes and using a bookshelf for cleaner storage has been awesome.  Add that to the bamboo floors and the cushy rug and I am officially no longer grossed out by our laundry room!  Happy Friday!

(And go Cards! Elite Eight! Woot!)

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    1. Katie Post author

      Thanks! That is actually a bookshelf made to look like a ladder! But it is neat that it gives the impression of being a ladder!


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