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I’ve professed my love for Pinterest many times on this blog, so it’ll be no surprise to you that I devoted a week or so to making mostly Pinterest meals.  I knew going into this that a great photograph can make anything look tasty. So, I chose my meals carefully, based more on the ingredients versus the delectable photos.  Here’s what I chose:

I made these for Super Bowl Sunday. I used whole wheat tortillas which were a little bigger than those in the Pinterest picture, so instead of taquitos they were more like…well, tacos. I made a large batch and froze some of them. Right out of the oven, these bad boys were delicious. Crispy and creamy. Just good. But, I reheated a frozen one the other day and it tasted a bit like cardboard. So, maybe just eat them fresh? Here’s a picture of a couple of my big taquito creations:


These were really interesting and actually pretty good. It was neat to have the egg and the bread so intertwined. My only issue was with actually getting the egg to stay in the boat. I guess I didn’t have enough of a lip on one of the boats because the egg mixture just poured right over the edge. So, if you make this, just make sure your boat is not too shallow. Here’s what mine looked like (obviously my bread isn’t as fancy as that in the above picture, but it still tasted good!):


I love crockpot recipes as much as the next gal because of their convenience and usual tastiness.  I don’t think I prefer jambalaya in the crockpot, though. The sausage was mushy and the chicken was dry. It just wasn’t as good as other jambalaya recipes I’ve made. Bummer.

Yum. This was soo good. It tasted like a meal from a restaurant. We grilled the chicken instead of cooking it in a skillet and I used Jerk seasoning instead of Cajun because it’s just what I had on hand! Oh, and Buitoni pasta was Buy One Get One Free at Publix, so the pasta was fresh instead of dried. All contributing factors the the awesomeness of this dish.

This recipe was actually for quesadillas, but I didn’t want to mess with that, so I just put the meat, cheese, and sauce into a tortilla. It was ok. I would have like some rice or something else in the tortilla besides just a bunch of meat. So, just ok.


I thought this was pretty good. But,  there definitely was not enough sauce.  I actually added a bit more and it didn’t look nearly as saucy as the picture on Pinterest. And Matt doesn’t like spicy pasta, so this wasn’t his favorite. Good, but not good enough to repeat.


Overall it was a fun week of new recipes. We found a few keeper recipes, so I’m going to deem this a successful Pinterest experiment!

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